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narrative engineering and construction
copywriting, web writing, web editing, technical writing, feature writing 

I write accurate and engaging copy for major international clients. I specialise in the creation of robust structures, compelling user experiences and engaging copy. I write a blog for the UK Intellectual Property Office and write and present features and programmes on innvoation and creativity for major clients.

UK Intellectual Property Office blog

Sample feature - Welsh Whiskey Published by the UK IPO

Major website for the European Union. OHIM is Europe's intellectual property hub. Its website delivers information to a global audience. Its users range from senior administrators, to the captains of industry, to individuals in search of information. Intellectual property is a big subject and the outputs of the organisation are diverse. OHIM's website is at the heart of its business. My role in the team that created this site was to provide structure and content - the narrative and the words. Follow this link to see narrative engineering in action.

EUIPO website - major new website for the European Union

half day course: managing the creative process

To some creativity seems uncontrollable and therfore unplannable.

To others it seems challenging and therefore unpalatable.

But if change is a part of your business, then creativity is part of your process.

These short workshops demystify the creative process. They will help you make plans and manage your own creativity and they will enable you to manage your teams enormous, untapped creative potential.

A half day course requires between 10 and 20 participants for a single morning session. The content will be tailored to the specific requirements of any group from CEO to new interns. They are team building events, they're great fun, they break down barriers and they reveal hidden depth.

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