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How to make ideas useful - workshops on creativity and intellectual property  

Creatives and inventors think Intellectual Property is for lawyers - it's not their bag. But success in creative and inventive industries requires maverick thinkers to understand what IP can offer and how to work with teams.

This half day course provides first year degree students, FE students and sixth formers is essential guide to intellectual property, what it is and why it’s vital for creatives and inventives to understand it. The session also explores the creative process and offers creatives and inventives a chance to grow their creative confidence and to manage their own creative strategies. SkillsetAcademiAber_036.jpgSkillsetAcademiAber_036.jpg

The sessions are designed for groups of around twenty students, drawn from both arts and science subject areas.

By the end of the sessions students will understand the purpose of intellectual property and be familiar with its chief constituents: trade marks, patents, copyright and designs. Participants will also have discussed and developed their own ideas and creative processes, collaborated and created new IP products and identified their own IP strategies.

Fitting in for misfits

As well as providing important information, enabling an understanding of the creative process and developing confidence, networking and presentational skills; this course is underpinned by an increasingly important principle. Creativity is not the sole preserve of the maverick genius – groups, often with quite different skill sets, learning styles, backgrounds and outlooks must collaborate to succeed. For creatives and inventives, who pride themselves on their self-styling, this workshops turns ugly ducklings into flocks of geeks.

Knowledge and confidence

Students will leave the creatives and inventives session understanding the meaning of IP and the nature of IP rights. They will also have developed their own ideas, experiencing the relationship between sharing and collaborating and owning and monetizing and participated in an enabling creative experience. 


Dan’s workshops on creativity are enabling experiences, they’re also great fun.

As well as writing and originating hit TV series, children’s novels, plays and situation comedies for grown ups, Dan has twenty years experience working as decision maker and manager in the field of intellectual property and the public sector. Previous workshop clients include National Museum of Wales, Cardiff University, Trinity College St David’s, Cardiff Art School, Swansea Art School, CIRIC, The Welsh Books Council and schools and colleges throughout the UK. He blogs and writes about IP for the UK IPO, WIPO and OHIM and runs workshops on IP and creativity for students.



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